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Captain America: The Winter Soldier has 6 nominations for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards! Go to to vote!

LESS THAN A MONTH TO VOTE, SO GO DO IT NOW! I don’t care how old you are, just pretend you’re a teenager (1995-2001) and support them! Let’s try to sweep all 6. We can actually do this if we all dedicate a little time to vote, every single vote matters. 

***If you don’t have e-mails to register under, go to: and use their temporary e-mails***

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Anonymous asked: Is there any way ever Chris and Scarlett would ever get together? :/ *feeling hopeful... but then slowly losing it....*

Not at this time..

Don’t feel sad though, just remember they have a deep and lovely friendship they’ve kept for 10 years and counting. That’s gotta mean something special, and they’ll always be in each other’s lives. If friendship is all there is for now, I’ll take that and enjoy what they’ve got going on now.

But of course, you never know what the future holds. :) :) <3

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Anonymous asked: im sooooorry to bother, but im kinda new in this whole mrvel fandom and i always get rly confused about things like thor becoming a girl and mainly bout having a new cap america? like when ppl say bucky is gonna be the next cap? whats this about?

hello there, no bother at all. I’m actually not too too familiar with the marvel fandom either, but I do know that the new cap stuff are all just in the comics, not in the films. Like falcon becoming the new cap and bucky being cap, in the comic books steve apparently dies, so bucky puts on the suit, but then steve becomes alive again so he’s back to being cap.

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